Yenicami Mosque

It is converted to a mosque in the early Ottoman Period from a Latin Church. However it had collapsed in 1739-1740 when Menteşzade Hacı İsmail Ağa, a wealthy citizen from Nicosia, excavated the foundations of the church hoping to find a treasure. Therefore Menteşzade Hacı İsmail Ağa built the present day mosque 20 meters away from the collapsed mosque. Because of safety reasons, in 1979 the old minaret of the mosque in the corner of the Latin Church was replaced by the present day modern minaret. There was a graveyard around the mosque. However from the disarranged graveyard, only the 4 tombs at the east of the mosque, belonging to the Menteşzade family have survived until today.
Address: 8, Yenicami Street, Yenicami Neighborhood
Opening and Closing Hours

  • 08:00 - 18:00

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