Venetian Column (Obelisque)

The Venetian column in Atatürk Square (Sarayönü Square) made of grey granite that was brought from the Salamis ruins was erected by the Venetians in the courtyard of present day Sarayönü Mosque as a symbol of their sovereignty. At that period, in the place of the mosque there was a Carmelite Church and in front of the church there was a large square. During the Ottoman Period, the column was removed and left where it was. The column that was 20 feet high and that had a diameter of 70 cm was decorated with a copper orb and re-erected in the British Colonial Period between 8th February and 2nd August 1915 to its present-day place. Only 5 of the 6 Italian family’s coat of arms found on the hexagonal pedestal on which the column rests were able to survive until today.
Address: Atatürk Square, İplik Bazaar Neighborhood

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