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25 March 2020
“Devleti yanımızda görmedik, karşımızda bulduk”
27 March 2020

Two important solidarity steps from NTM


Nicosia Turkish Municipality (NTM) continues its efforts to help the needy individuals who suffer from the Corona virus outbreak. In this context, an important spirit of solidarity is shared with the whole society through different practices and collaborations.
Online transfer service for contribution to Community Kitchen
For Community Kitchen, which makes a significant contribution to meeting the daily food needs of needy individuals, financial support will be available from all banks via online money order. Online transfer can be made from all banks to TR 0800 0100 0860 0019 5800 5045 IBAN number. In addition, those who want to contribute to food and material can reach the kitchen on 0533 842 0582 and 0548 8420582.

Food packages can be donated from www.nestersan.com

In the second application, it is possible to deliver the prepared food packages to the needy people by paying the fees. With the application made in cooperation with nestersan.com and Enmar, aid packages received through the site are delivered to the Municipality and Nicosia Turkish Municipality delivers to the individuals in need on behalf of the contributor.
A group of business people delivered 1,500 food packages to NTM in cooperation with the Municipality during these difficult days in our country with the campaign they started. Within the scope of this solidarity with their own arrangements, 500 new packages will be delivered to NTM in the coming days.


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