NTM Municipal Police Department Fine Types and Explanations

The traffic fines and explanations written within the scope of article 122 of the municipal law are as follows. The fine must be paid from Nicosia Turkish Municipality (NTM) payment points within 15 days from the date of issuance of the notice. Fines not paid within 15 days are doubled and the payment period is extended for another 15 days. If the penalty is not paid at the end of the second 15 days, it is transfered to the law office as required by law.

2 A- Delaying and preventing vehicle crossings.

2 B- Failing to follow the instructions of a uniformed law enforcement officer.

2 C- Failure to comply with the “no stopping/ waiting” or “no parking” sign.

2 CI- Parking within 9.15 meters from corner and road signs.

2 CII – Parking within 45.70 meters from traffic lights or beacons.

2 CIII – Parking within 13.70 meters from the pedestrian crossing and bus stop.

2CIV – Parking on double yellow line.

2D – Parking at the entrances and exits of fire brigade, police station, school, mosque, church, hospital, cinema, theater, park, bus terminal.

2 E – Parking on the pavement.

2 F – Not showing the identity, driving license and documents belonging to the vehicle, despite the request of the law enforcement officer.

2 GI –  Violating the parking time

2 GII – Parking in the pedestrianized zone

2 GIII – Not paying the parking fee

2 GIV – Parking in disabled parking lot

2 GV – Parking at the bus platform

2 GVI – Parking at the taxi rank


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