Walled City Museum The Walled City Museum, opened at the Kyrenia Gate on November 15, 2020, combines the historical spirit of Nicosia with art. The arts and culture feast at the Walled City Museum begins even before you step into the building. Oil and acrylic paintings, original prints, engravings, linoleum, serigraphy, lithography, decals, photographs, sculptures, ceramics and rare artifacts are exhibited in the museum. In the inventory of the Walled City Museum, where artifacts belonging to a different style and period are exhibited on each floor, there are toy car collection consisting of over 3 thousand pieces, samples of swords and knives, more than 70 sculptures, paintings, objects related to maritime history, from the works of the Turkish Cypriot National History Museu,copies of Karagöz, berat, edict, Kadi registers of Nicosia, Ottoman works such as carpets from the 17th century.
Opening and Closing hours
  • 09:30-17:00
Web: https://surlaricisehirmuzesi.com/

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