Sultan Mahmut The Second Library

The building is located besides the eastern door of the Selimiye Mosque. It was built during the Sultan Mahmut II period with the order of the Sultan by the Governor of Cyprus Ali Ruhi Efendi in 1829. The building has significance because it was the first official government library built with the government-citizen cooperation. It is situated next to the eastern entrance of Selimiye Mosque. The building comprises one quite large domed room, and an arched porch which is also domed. Like the Arabahmet Mosque, it is a classic example of Ottoman mosque and madrasah architecture. In the inventory work carried out in 1989, 1283 manuscripts and 549 books were documented. The manuscripts today are protected in the Kyrenia National Archive. .
Address: Selimiye Square, Selimiye Neighborhood
Opening and Closing Hours

  • 08:00 - 18:00

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