Sarayonu Mosque

The Mosque situated at the southern part of the Atatürk Square in Walled City of Nicosia, was built in 1902 in the place of Carmelite Church that was turned into a mosque. Having the influence of Arab architecture, the mosque has a very valuable timber ceiling. It was constructed between 1901 and 1902 in place of Ali Paşa Mosque, converted from the Carmelite church that was demolished by the January 1900 earthquake. It was designed by the British architect Fenton Atkinson in 1900. The mosque that shows North African architectural influence has a very valuable ceiling. The inscription on the mihrab is dated back to 1903. The minaret on the southwest of the mosque is thought to be from the previous mosque.
Address: 18, Ankara Street, İplik Bazaar Neighborhood
Opening and Closing Hours

  • 08:00 - 18:00

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