The Mevlevi Lodge Museum

The Mevlevi Tekke Dervish (Convent) and Museum situated to the south of Kyrenia Gate is one of the most important buildings in Cyprus. In 1593 Arab Ahmet Paşa lodge for Mevlevi Dervishes was built in the area where the convent is currently located. Later its name was changed as Ferhat Paşa Convent. The convent as it is today was constructed in the early 17th century A.D. Because most Turks who came to the island after the conquest were from Konya, they were keen to propagate the way of life of Mevlana, and established this convent in Nicosia. Leading members of the Mevlevi community, when deceased were buried in rooms to the rear, which became a mausoleum. The lodge now serves as a museum displaying Mevlevi clothing, musical instruments and ethnographic artifacts.
Address: 186, Kyrenia Street, İbrahimpasa Neighborhood

Entrance Fees: Foreign: 5.00 TL, Domestic: 2.00TL, Student/Soldier: 2.00TL
Opening ve Closing hours

  • 08:00 - 15:30
  • 08:00 - 13:00
    14:00 - 17:00

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