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8 February 2021
Sağlık Bakanı Ali Pilli, LTB’nin hizmete koyduğu aşı merkezine ziyarette bulundu
9 February 2021

LTB Services during Lockdown

With the imposition of total lockdown by the Council of Ministers until 15 February 2021, LTB has restructured the working hours of its units who will be continuing to provide services. Essential services will continue uninterrupted as detailed below:


– The Sanitation Department will be following its normal garbage collection schedule but only domestic waste will be collected. Pruning and other garden waste or construction waste will not be collected. Therefore, for preservation of environmental and public health, it is important to refrain from disposing non-domestic waste during this time.

– The only pay-desk active during lockdown will be at the main municipal building, working between 09:00-12:00 on weekdays. In addition, credit card payments can be made online at www.ltbonline.com or using the “LTB Online” mobile application on Android devices. Smartmeter payment machines will also be available 24/7 for credit card payments. These machines are available: in front of the main LTB building, on Kemal Şemiler Avenue, in front of the LTB Nursery Garden, Hamitköy Atatürk Avenue, and in front of the LTB Haspolat Office. Payments can also be made on bank website, mobile applications, and ATMs.

– Funeral services will continue as usual. However, only immediate relatives will be able to participate in accordance with Council of Ministers decisions. Funeral services can be reached at 0548 868 0582.

– Sewer cleaning services will continue as usual. Requests can be made by calling Alo 185.

– Municipal police and Public Health units will be continuing their routine inspection of businesses and public areas as required by the Council of Ministers. Daily disinfection of open businesses will also continue.

– Water Works Department will continue its emergency services in response to breakdowns. Requests in this regard can also be made by calling Alo 185 24/7.

– Elderly Services Unit will continue its dialysis services. The elderly can reach the municipality for other needs through Alo 185.

– LTB Women’s Shelter will continue all its services (counseling, legal aid, as well as shelter) as usual. The unit can be reached 24/7 at 0542 8763030 or 0533 8553030.

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