Laleli Mosque

By its plan, it is known that the mosque was converted from an old christian chapel. The mosque was restored by Ali Ruhi Efendi in 1829 and the mihrab, minbar and minaret were added. It is thought to have taken its name from the tulip motif in the minaret. It is a rectangular planned structure extending in the east-west direction to the longest. On the three arches dividing the space, looms with round arches were arranged and a roof was formed. The eastern part of the building has a semi-circular plan, and the last congregation is covered with a sloping wooden roof. The minaret which was built with cut stone was partially broken down and repaired in 1976 due to hazard supply. Built in 1243 (1827) by Ali Ruhi Efendi in the courtyard of the mosque, the Laleli Fountain is a simple fountain with a pointed arch made of regularly cut stone. There are three pointed arched niches in the direction of the fountain overlooking the mosque courtyard and three fountains in them.
Address: 11/2, Ali Ruhi Street, Abdiçavuş Neighborhood
Opening and Closing Hours

  • 08:00 - 18:00

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