The Iplik Bazaar Mosque

It is a small structure located on İplik Pazarı street. The mosque is dated according to the two old inscriptions – one relatively new but the other one being older-on top of the flat-arched door that provides the entrance. The older inscription dated H. 1241 (1825/26 A.D.) at the bottom tells us that the mosque was constructed in the same year by the last muhassıl (tax collector) of Cyprus, Hacı Ahmet Ağa and thus named after him. Above the older inscription, the inscription written later in H. 1316 (1899 A.D.) records that Evkaf Officer Muhammed Sadık Bey demolished the mosque in order to enlarge it and rebuilt it as can be seen today.
Address: İplik Bazaar Street
Opening and Closing Hours

  • 08:00 - 18:00

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