LTB’den Covid-19 konusunda önemli duyurular ve tedbirler
10 Mart 2020
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12 Mart 2020

Important Measures from the Nicosia Turkish Municipality about Covid-19

Nicosia Turkish Municipality has taken a series of precautionary decisions after the Covid-19 virus, which affects the whole world, has been observed in our country. Led by the Mayor of the Nicosia Turkish Municipality Mehmet Harmanci, a comprehensive evaluation meeting was held with the officials of the Municipality, the Head of the Medical Association Dr. Özlem Gürkut, former Chief Physician Dr. Bülent Dizdarlı and the President of the Pharmacists’ Association Umut Öksüz. Following this meeting, the NTM deputy town clerks and head of departments determined the measures to be taken by the municipality.
Mayor Harmancı publicized the decisions taken at these meetings along with respective actions that fall within the municipality’s responsibility and issues that the public should pay attention to.

Mayor Harmancı listed NTM’s precautionary measures as follows:

– Main roads like Sht. Kemal Ünal Avenue, Mehmet Akif Avenue, Osmanpaşa Avenue, Kyrenia Gate-Sarayönü route, Lokmacı, Arasta, Bandabuliya, the NTM Cemetery, and any other public areas deemed necessary will be sprayed with disinfectants 4 times a day based on a specific schedule.

– 74 bus stops belonging to the municipality will also be included in this disinfection program. The NTM has also informed the Ministry of Transportation that all public transportation vehicles, including those belonging to universities, are now required to be equipped with hand disinfectants. The police will be inspecting the implementation of this policy.

– Public buildings belonging to the municipality and the nursery ‘El Ele Kreşi’ will be included in the routine disinfection program. In accordance with the announcement of the Ministry of Education, El Ele nursery will be temporarily closed down.

– 10,000 protective masks have been ordered by the municipality. Masks will be delivered by Friday and more will be ordered if necessary.

– All schools within the municipality’s jurisdiction will be disinfected before the commencement of education.

– All playgrounds within 27 parks of the NTM have been closed down for precautionary purposes. Other playgrounds belonging to private enterprises such as restaurants and supermarkets are also being put out of service.

– Businesses under the municipality’s inspection authority (such as gyms, markets, restaurants) will be required to provide hand disinfectants on site.

– All social activities and trainings (concerts, theater plays, courses, sports activities) organized by the municipality until the end of April are canceled until further notice.
– Spring trips organized for about 2,500 senior citizens are also canceled.

– The Open Market held at the terminal location every Sunday is canceled this Sunday.

– The NTM calls for the public to conduct municipal transactions as well as their workplace activities online as much as possible.



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