The Dervish Pasha Mansion

This two-storey home was owned by Derviş Paşa, whose original name was Tüccarbaşızade Hacı Ahmet Derviş Efendi who published Zaman (Time), one of the first Turkish newspaper in Cyprus. The house is located in the ArabAhmet district, which is the best preserved district within the city walls. The home has two entrances, and the door at the main entrance bears the hijri date 1216 (1801/1802 A.D.). The lower storey is of stone, while the upper storey is of sun-dried brick. The common era date 1869 also appears in the decorated ceiling of the main room which is clearly a later addition to the building. The house is an “L” plan, with a large inner courtyard. The lower rooms open onto a covered gallery surrounding the garden at the heart of the building. The upper floor is reached by a wooden staircase supported by the water reservoir, and the rooms open onto a fine covered landing. The mansion offers displays of a main reception room, a bridal chamber, a bedroom, and a weaving room, as well as artifacts for daily use. This “museum-house” opened to the public as the Ethnographic Museum on 21 March 1988.
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