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16 March 2020
16 March 2020


The council of Ministers made the following decisions for additional precautionary measures regarding Corona Virus (Covid – 19).
1. If it is documented that those with emergency health problems and that they have health appointments and / or ongoing treatments, they will be assisted with their departure abroad, including crossing the south, and provide the necessary convenience in the procedure for their return if they apply to the Ministry of Interior.
2. Regarding Pile and Beyarmudu, to provide the necessary exemption with citizens residing beyond the western gate and Pile, in the way that they can continue their lives.
3. Maintaining contacts with the authorities to determine the regulation of the crossing of citizens working in the British base area.
4. Taking necessary measures to prevent any hitch in the crossing of the Peace Force and diplomatic mission.
5. To make special arrangements for the operation of the truck drivers and 1 (one) assistants and airline companies that will ensure that the goods are coming from abroad in order to continue importing to our country and to continue the procurement process to the markets.
6. To ensure that the tourists in the country can return to their country, providing vito and taxi services subject to supervision for those who want to use Larnaca and the southern airports.
7. Private clinics, private hospitals, private laboratories, veterinary clinics, and similar health clinics are open to ensure the continuation of life and meet basic needs, but those who wish can go to close their own will.
8. Apart from grocery stores, butchers are also open, the bakery is open to the factory and the section where the product can be sold, and the cafe section is closed in the bakeries.
9. Continuing the sale of TÜK’s feed and barley, showing the necessary flexibility in the activities of feed factories and feed suppliers, continuing production of Flour Factories, Milk Authority and milk processing factories.
10. The veterinary office of the Ministry of Agriculture and slaughterhouses with the permission of export and import continue to work.
11. Continuation of emergency breakdown services of auto vehicle recovery and internet service providers.
12. Municipalities will continue to their basic services with minimum personnel.
13. Stopping all bus services, KIBHAS and personnel services, and continuing taxis to reduce public transportation. However, in order to allow the tourists staying in the hotels other than the quarantine hotels to leave our country in the early period, transportation of the tourists from the hotels to the airport will be done by buses.
14. Firms that provide private security services will continue to work.
15. Water producers, distributors and vendors will continue to serve.
16. The cutting and packaging processes of citrus fruits will continue and Güzelyurt Municipality will be disinfecting these places.
17. Takeout services will stop as well as with the restaurants.
18. Working Department, Social Insurances Department and Reserve Fund Department will work with rotational procedures with minimum personnel, also daycare and nursery homes will continue to work.
19. In line with the meetings held with the participation of the Bank Association and the Central Bank officials, the banks will be open to fulfill their minimum functions and to work with minimum staff, banks will be open half day till 12:00 and work to meet the needs of businesses that continue their activities essentially by taking a limited number of customers into the bank.
20. Preferring to use ATMs and internet banking instead of Bank Branches and also use credit cards or debit cards instead of cash.
21. Taking into consideration the demand coming from the market regarding the checks which belongs to the companies whose activities are stopped by the decisions of the Council of Ministry, the companies whose cash date is between 14 – 27 March 2020 will be suspended as 30 March 2020 and will not be traded before 30 March 2020.
22. In accordance with the decision of the Banks Association, the Banks Association and the Central Bank will work for the purpose of helping businesses in delaying the maturity of their loans, delaying their installments, extending their installments or in case of skipping in their installments, and alleviating the interest burdens of the companies whose activities were discontinued for this period.
23. Preparing a decree with the force of law in order to ensure that the Social Insurance premiums of February 2020, which should be paid until 20th March 2020, are paid by 30th March 2020 and the Provident Fund premiums until 15th April 2020 without any penalty.
24. Preparing a decree with the force of law in order to ensure that the North Cyprus Hoteliers Association, the Turkish Cypriot Agencies Association and the Northern Cyprus Restaurant Association members’ Social Insurance premiums and Provident Fund premiums debts to be generated between 1st March 2020 and 30th June 2020 can be paid without penalty, in January-June 2021 and and in case of any request, the ministry will make the necessary assessment for other sectors.
25. Carrying out studies to make the Social Insurance Office’s transactions as online as possible, to complete passport transactions at the work permit center on Sunday and giving them collectively to the employer on Monday. The demands of employers with emergency output or transactions are received by the ministry and the transactions are carried out by rotation method without being victimized.
26. Employees such as civilian workers, civil servants, cooks and technicians working in the Security Forces Command to continue their duties.
27. The judicial authorities to take the necessary measures to prevent the judicial system from interrupting.
28. As a result of consultations with the Pharmacists Association, the working hours of pharmacies will be between 08:00 am in the morning and 13.30 pm in the afternoon until 29th March 2020, the on call pharmacies will be open until 01.30am after midnight and there is an additional on duty pharmacy in each district, and in order to prevent patients from creating a crowded environment within the pharmacy, accepting maximum 3 or limited customers in pharmacy.
29. Reserve the right to call the public officials if needed to carry out the basic and essential services of the government. The authority on this matter is the Minister of the relevant institution.
30. In accordance with the Penal Code, the Communicable Diseases Law and other relevant legislation, criminal process will be taken against those who do not comply with the Council of Ministers’ decisions.

14 March 2020

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