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15 May 2020
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19 May 2020

Corona Virus (Covid-19) Precautionary Decisions XIII


The Council of Ministers took the following decisions as a result of the finalization of the period specified in the decision number E.T (K-1) 588-2020 and 29.04.2020 dated on the corona virus precautionary purpose. The decisions are as follows:

  1. Interruption of education until 30th June 2020 of all schools, classrooms and study centers; the kindergartens to be opened depending on the prevailing conditions to be determined as of 1st June 2020.


  1. Suspension of all sports, social and cultural activities in schools until 30 June 2020,


  1. Cancellation of all mass meetings such as cinemas, theaters, concerts, festivals and rallies until 1st June 2020,


  1. All sports competitions postponed until 1st June 2020, and to be scheduled to continue after this date,


  1. As of 17th May 2020, the open market places to be open within the framework of the rules determined by the Municipalities, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor and Social Security and Ministry of Economy,


  1. From 18th May 2020;


  • Personal use of boats in marinas other than collective travel and tour arrangements,
  • Parks, individual walking paths, walkways and stadiums to be used for individual sports within the framework of social distance rules
  • Peddler sellings
  • Archaeological sites to be opened only to family and individual visits


  1. Public officials to begin to work as of 15.5.2020, but necessary flexibility to be provided the by the Supervisors to those in the risk group who will be affected by the outbreak,


  1. Except for the operating sectors, the following sectors, workplaces and activities should be closed or stopped until 1st June 2020.


  • Tourism industry, accommodations, casinos etc.
  • Entertainment places, cinemas, bars, coffeehouses, beaches, pools etc.
  • Picnic areas, children playgrounds, playgrounds, etc.
  • Public transportation etc.
  • Wedding Halls etc.
  • Night Clubs etc.
  • Bet offices, internet cafes etc.
  • Tattoo Studios etc.
  • All kinds of activities that can be done collectively
  • House and friend visits,
  • Culture, art, exhibition halls, libraries etc.


  1. The barbers (only haircut and care (no shaving)), hairdressers and beauty salons will start to serve as of 20th May 2020 within the framework of the rules set by the Municipalities, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour and Social Security, and Ministry of Economy and Energy.


  1. Restaurants, patisseries, cafes, buffets, and similar places continue to serve as takeout or pick-up until 20 May2020 and start providing on-site services within the rules to be determined by the Ministries as of 20 May 2020.


  1. The closing hours of the operating sectors until 20 May 2020 are 20:00.


  1. With the decision of the Council of Ministers, all land, sea and air entrances, except for those who are in exceptional circumstances, will be closed to the entrance of citizens of TRNC and all citizens of other countries except spouse and children of TRNC citizens until June 1, 2020.


  1. Apart from the essential services to be determined by the Council of Ministers, the ships traveling to our country are banned from carrying passengers and the ships that come to our country continue to carry trucks and cargo depending on the conditions specified in the article 6 of the measure decision of the Council of Ministers dated March 15, 2020. It was decided to extend the period specified in the decision of the Council of Ministers until 1 June 2020 under the same conditions.
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