The Great Inn

The Great Inn is one of the most important Turkish buildings in Nicosia, in terms of historical and architectural value. The documents related with the construction of the Great Inn have survived to the present day. In the area of the Great Inn, Sultan Selim constructed shops in order to raise funds to Ayasofa (Selimiye) Mosque vakıf (foundation). However in 1572-1579, Beylerbeyi Sinan Paşa, the Governor of Cyprus, removed the shops and instead built an inn. When Sultan Selim heard this, he sent a decree to Kıbrıs Defterdarlığı, the head of treasury of Cyprus, and to Gülnar Kadılığı, Gülnar judge, on 5.1.1577 requesting the Inn to be acquired on behalf of the Sultan on the condition that it raised funds to Vakif or demolished and replaced by similar shops as it was before if the Inn was not profitable. Since it was not destroyed, it can be understood that the Great Inn was built between the years 1572-1577 by Sinan Paşa. The structure is constructed in two storeys on a rectangular plan, with rooms arranged around a broad courtyard, giving onto a domed and arched porch. The small hexagonal, domed prayer room (mescit) with conical –topped stone chimneys is an important architectural element which completes the Turkish atmosphere of the Inn. The rooms on the ground floor were used as barn and stores. The rooms on the upper floor, each with octagonal chimney-pieces, were bedrooms. Similar structures are found throughout Anatolia, but this example has one notable difference. Whereas such inns usually had a single main door, the Great Inn has two entrances.
Address: 85, Asmaaltı Street, Selimiye Neighborhood
Opening and Closing Hours

  • 08:00 - 18:00

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