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Asmaalti Square

Nicosia Asmaalti Square, a trade and settlement center, is located between Sarayönü, the administrative center of Cyprus, and Selimiye Square, which is the religious center, starting from Luzinian period. The fact that the medieval arch in the entrance corridor of the Kumarcilar Han, belonging to the Ottoman period, began to take shape before the Ottoman era, with no knowledge of its position before the Ottoman period. Nevertheless, the Ottoman Empire became a center of trade and accommodation in which the inner city trade centers were concentrated. During the Ottoman period, the general appearance was a center that met most of the needs of the locals and strangers who came temporarily to Nicosia and Nicosia. There were baths, stables, bakeries, coffee houses, taverns, shoos, groceries, souvenirs and entertainment places in addition to the three hans around the plaza to meet these needs.
Address: Asmaaltı Street

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